Expert Knowledge

Invite participants to write down movements of which they are experts. The activity should be done as a group or in smaller groups.Encourage the group(s) to generate as many ideas as they can. Then, in the group, ask each person to communicate their knowledge. They can do so through a physical showing, a verbal telling, or any other medium.

The art of knowing, according to Heidegger (1977: 13), is “to be entirely at home in something, to understand and be expert in it.”

Expert Knowledge asks participants to explore ways of communicating movement knowledge. By allowing individuals to choose how they communicate knowledge, movement extends beyond the here-and-now and the physical showing. It asks the researcher to reconsider what it means to move and thus what it means to ‘show’ movement. In this sense, Expert Knowledge extends beyond the “meat” (Kozel, 2007) of the individual and into realms of complex, varied and affective social knowledge.

This activity was inspired by the work of Suzy Willson of London-based Clod Ensemble.

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